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We are a student run group that aspires to ignite a passion for Finance in the hearts and minds of fellow students at FMS, Delhi by showing them a window in to the world of Finance. We believe that finance is all about evolution and exchange not just of money but more importantly of ideas and strategies. Our endeavour is to equip students with the financial acumen required to succeed in business by providing them with insights on various aspects of Banking, I-Banking, Private Equity, Portfolio Management, Derivatives and other financial services. We provide an interface between the Industry, the faculty and the students.

We aim to accomplish our objectives through:

  • Organizing Guest Lectures and Seminars to supplement classroom teaching for a greater understanding of the concepts
  • Conducting Online Simulation Games, competitions and Workshops to develop practical knowledge
  • Arranging for live projects for the application of the knowledge
  • Enhancing Corporate Relations by promoting interaction, dialogue and relations with the corporate community for creating superior access to career opportunities
  • Conducting Knowledge Sessions and Mock Interviews